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Here are some quotes from past and present Peer Tutors at Penn State Lehigh Valley.

Thoughts from Previous Peer Tutors:

  •  "I like to teach people things they do not understand because you can see them learn."
  •  "Tutoring is a great way to make some extra money and meet people."
  •  "I began tutoring this semester and find it very rewarding and beneficial to me as well. It makes me feel like I am doing something to help others be more successful."
  •  "I enjoy helping people. By helping them understand the information, they begin to enjoy the class more."
  • "It was quite enjoyable…it helped me keep sharp with past material."
  •  "My experience as a tutor was excellent."
  • "My experience as a tutor has been inspiring, motivating, and uplifting.  It helped me to grow as a person and encouraged me to work harder."
  • "I really enjoy the interaction because I would like to teach in the future."
  • "A very enjoyable experience which not only allowed me to help others, but also gave me a firmer understanding, more exposure to and reinforcement of the material I was tutoring."

 The Best Thing About Being a Peer Tutor Is:

  • "Seeing (their tutees) grades improve."
  • "Knowing you can help someone else with the same problems you experienced."
  • "When a student comes back for a second time, you feel you must have done something right."
  • "Having the job of helping people."
  • "Getting paid for easy and beneficial work."
  • "Having my student tell me how much they appreciate me taking the time to help them and telling me that something I have explained has been helpful."
  • "Receiving the sincere gratitude of the students you've helped."
  • "Helping people see something they couldn't see otherwise."
  • "Seeing a client's face light up when they 'got it'."
  • "Being able to use what I understand of the subject and being able to help another student understand."