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Mike Morgan - Manager

Provides  computing and information technology strategic plans, policies, programs, and computer services, network communications, and management information services to accomplish university goals and objectives. Mike also Interacts with internal clients on all levels to help resolve IT-related issues and provides answers in a timely manner.

Contact Mike at 610-285-5289 or mam31@psu.edu

Pedro Robles - Network Coordinator 

Performs daily operations of managing network. This includes the operation of networking components such as switches, routers, hubs, bridges, and transport media (wire, fiber optic cable, and/or wireless), as well as the operation of configuration and management software tools.

Contact Pedro at 610-285-5014 or par13@psu.edu

Alex Amatore - Technical Support Assistant 

Provides technical assistance to computer system users and answers questions or resolves computer problems for clients in person, or via telephone.
Alex also provides assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, Microsoft Office, email, and operating systems.

Contact Alex at 610-285-5081 or aja13@psu.edu