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A healthy mixture of education and physical experiences will  be presented in an exciting and enjoyable program. The Outdoors Club will recognize the importance of environmental science, geology, stress management, coping skills, personal health, history, and community service through every event. Broadening the horizon of Outdoors Club members through experience across not only the Lehigh Valley, but also eastern Pennsylvania is another important goal. Students will develop a sense of belonging while being exposed to valuable skills like first aid, fire safety and building, to the proper use of outdoor equipment in a safe and controlled environment.

2009-2010 Events

10/10/09 Hiking at Delaware Water Gap

10/15/09 Meeting for Camping Preparation

10/23/09 - 10/25/09 Fall Camping Trip to Promised Land

11/07/09 Orienteering

11/28/09 Fall Hike at Lehigh Gorge

1/14/10 General Meeting

1/16/10 Ice Skating at Bethlehem Municipal Ice Rink

2/6/10 Rock Climbing at North Summit Rock Gym

2/25/10 Spring Break Camping Meeting

3/9/10 - 3/11/10 Depart for Camping Trip