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Nominate yourself for 2009-2019 Student Senator for the University Faculty Senate (UFS)

The representative body of the faculty, the University Faculty Senate has authority concerning the University's educational interests. Also, the senate provides advice and consultation to President Spanier on issues affecting attainment of Penn State's educational objectives. The Senate includes 24 Student Senators. Full-time degree students at the 14 campuses comprising University College are eligible for election as 2009-2010 UFS Student Senator.

UFS Student Senators are full voting members, and each Student Senator serves as a member of one of the Standing Committees. Student Senators are expected to attend the six full Senate meetings during the year, and to participate on the assigned committee. On Monday evening preceding the official Senate meeting there are two sessions: one for all student senators with Academic Assembly President and another for a presentation by University administration to the Commonwealth Caucus (faculty and student senators from all campuses.) These meetings take place in the Nittany Lion Inn at University Park. Committee meetings can begin as early as 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning followed by the Commonwealth Caucus meeting and lunch beginning at 11:15 to discuss issues pertaining to the agenda for the formal Senate meeting that day. Senate meetings take place in 112 Kern Graduate Building at University Park. The elected Student Senator for the University College will receive reimbursement for travel to the Senate meeting. UFS Student Senators are encouraged to travel with a Faculty Senator from the campus.

Additional information is available at http://www.senate.psu.edu/

Nominate yourself for the 2009-2010 UFS Student Senator position....

Deadline for nominations is 12:00 midnight, Thursday, February 12. An online election will be conducted from February 23- March 9. All full-time students enrolled at the 14 campuses of the University College are eligible to vote. Click here to place your name on the ballot.