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Class seeks elder perspective on ethics, morality

3/23/2011 —

Students in Penn State Lehigh Valley's Philosophy 003 class will host a panel of special guests during their April 5 session at 1:40 p.m. in room 209. The course, titled "Persons, Moral Values, and the Good Life," has invited members of the campus' SAGE (Senior Adults Gaining Enrichment) program, an outreach initiative aimed at locals age 55-plus, to present their perspectives on ethics and morality.


"I am looking forward to bringing these two groups together. I think too often it is easy (especially for college-age students) to surround themselves with people who share their thinking and values," says Doug Hochstetler, Ph.D., associate professor of kinesiology at Penn State Lehigh Valley and instructor of the course. "I am hoping that students can learn from the life experiences of the SAGE members, to see how life circumstances brought these individuals to a point where specific beliefs matter. I think the discussion will provide a way for both groups to understand the other in a more informed way."


Guest panelists will share stories and experiences about how they developed their ideas about ethics and morality including how their experiences growing up and through their adult lives helped shape their views. A question and answer and discussion period will follow.


The idea for the visit came out of a previous SAGE lecture that Hochstetler presented on "The Examined Life: Ethical Decision-Making in the Twenty-First Century." During the question and answer period, one of the participants stated that she would like to invite the campus' traditional-aged students to learn with them at some point, to share where their (SAGE) generation gets their values, morals, decision making processes from, and compare that to where the 'kids of today' get theirs.  Conversation revolved around use of cell phones, internet, manners, protocols, serving your country, even parental discipline and how it differs between the two generations.


For more information, please contact University Relations at 610-285-5067 or email aag18@psu.edu.

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