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Around-the-Clock Online Academic Assistance Offered to Students

10/3/2008 —

Penn State Lehigh Valley has partnered with SMARTHINKING, the leading provider of online tutoring and academic support, to offer live tutoring anytime, from anywhere. Students will receive real-time assistance in math, chemistry, bilingual math, physics, organic chemistry, biology, intro to anatomy and physiology, economics, introductory finance, accounting, and statistics. Writing support for all subjects is also provided through the online writing lab. SMARTHINKING e-structors™ have substantial tutoring and teaching experience, usually have an advanced degree, and participate in a rigorous online training and evaluation program. 

By offering online tutoring through SMARTHINKING, Penn State Lehigh Valley is making convenient and easy-to-use academic assistance available to students despite the time of day or their location. The service is especially helpful to those students who might not ordinarily be able to take advantage of traditional face-to-face tutoring or on-campus resources, such as commuter students, distance education students, students studying late at night, or any student with a hectic schedule.

"Currently at Penn State Lehigh Valley, students can use the on-campus learning assistance resources for limited hours.  Administrators felt that with students becoming more accustomed to 24/7 service in other aspects of their lives, they should also be able to access academic support to suit their own schedules," said Linda Rumfield, Learning Center coordinator at Penn State Lehigh Valley.

SMARTHINKING has been providing assistance to students since Spring 2000 and currently serves more than 500 clients across the nation.  Melinda Wright, one of the first students to use the service said, "It’s great having someone to answer your questions when you're on deadline.  The service is invaluable…I got a 4.0 for the first time in my life thanks to [SMARTHINKING’s] help."

SMARTHINKING is not designed to replace traditional college assistance programs or traditional college courses.  Its purpose is to serve as a supplement, in most cases, to existing campus tutoring programs and provide students with another tool for success.

More details about SMARTHINKING can be found online at www.smarthinking.com. 

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