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President Graham B. Spanier's State of the University video will be shown at the University's Board of Trustees meeting this Friday, Sept. 15. The video, which replaces the speech Spanier has given in previous years, also will be broadcast on WPSU as part of the "To the Best of My Knowledge" program, and made available on Penn State Live at http://live.psu.edu/ online. Reaching a broader audience through these various venues is a way to share the dynamic nature of the University and to make it more accessible to the public.

Because of the complexity of Penn State and its vast scope and reach, Spanier believed that a video might be the best way to show the many accomplishments and far-reaching progress of Penn State and its people.

"I have always viewed my State of the University Address as a report that reaches beyond our campuses and into the communities we serve," Spanier said. "It is important that we not only help people better understand our mission of teaching, research and service, but that we share this message with a broader audience whose lives may be touched by Penn State activities."

Penn State is Pennsylvania's only land-grant university, educating 82,000 students, employing more than 38,000 people and generating more than $6.14 billion annually in economic impact for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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