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For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students

Penn State Lehigh Valley is an impeccable resource to not only our students, but to the entire Lehigh Valley. Through education, outreach, research, cultural events, athletics, publications and other programs, the campus has touched and improved the lives of countless citizens of the area, country and beyond for almost 100 years.
The core mission of the campus is to provide an excellent and affordable education for undergraduates. For the sake of the students and families who have placed their confidence in this institution, the University’s trustees, faculty, administrators and staff are committed to strengthening the qualities that make Penn State a student-centered university:
  • Providing access so that no qualified student is turned away or most drop out because of cost
  • Fostering excellence in teaching and learning, both inside and outside the classroom
  • Building a sense of community that invites student engagement
  • Preparing students to be effective, ethical leaders and active citizens in a global economy

“For the Future: The Campaign for Penn State Students” will enable Penn State Lehigh Valley to better serve our students and the community. Since the relocation to the new campus, Penn State Lehigh Valley has grown in many areas, including enrollment, academic and student programs and cultural affairs. The campaign will assist in the continued growth in these areas and provide for new learning spaces and much needed and valuable scholarship assistance.
For additional information about the campus, the campaign and how you may assist Penn State Lehigh Valley prepare to serve the Lehigh Valley for another century, contact:

Office of Development