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…you can poll students in ANGEL? Use the Polls feature on the Communicate tab of your course to gather the opinions of students on a particular topic. Students can only respond to a question once, and you can display the results to the students after they have submitted their response.


…you can save a copy of a course in ANGEL that you can import later into another course? For example, save a section of a course from the fall semester and import it into the section of the same course you are teaching in the spring (instead of re-creating all of the lessons and calendar items. Just click on the Manage tab and select Export Console.


…there is a tool in ANGEL that will show you which students have not submitted an assignment yet? Use the WhoDunIt Category under the Report tab to display a list of students who have not posted to a message board, who scored below a certain grade on an exam, or who have not logged in since a given date.

…you can conduct anonymous surveys in ANGEL?  Enable the Make submissions anonymous field (select Advanced settting under the Interaction tab) for a survey (or quiz) - each user's response is posted under an automatically-generated anonymous ID.

…you can have ANGEL automatically pull information from Web sites, weblogs, and podcasts for you? Activating the RSS Headlines feature on your My Profile (Home Page) allows you to automatically receive content. Just click Edit Page on your My Profile page, and select Add Components.  You'll find the option for Personal RSS Feeds in the list of available components.


Let me know if you find something in ANGEL you think others would find useful and might not be aware of - I'll add it to the list.