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ANGEL is Penn State's Course Management System, a web-based tool where instructors can post information and resources for their courses - items such as a syllabus, due dates, course readings, and grades. ANGEL creates mailing lists for each course automatically, making it a snap to e-mail your students. It also has tools for online quizzes and discussion forums.


Course space in ANGEL is created automatically each semester for every course listed on Penn State's Schedule of Courses. Workshops on setting up your course in ANGEL are offered every semester. Check out the Technology Surge Blog for a list of workshops and other technology news. Or, if you would like to schedule an individual appointment, please contact Dean Shaffer at drs40@psu.edu, 610-285-5008.


ANGEL Help Desk is available online - you can contact ANGEL Support with any questions or problems you might have related to ANGEL. 


ANGEL Tips from Teaching with Technology Certificate Hub gives some creative and useful suggestions for using ANGEL


ANGEL Community Hub - an online community for Penn State ANGEL users. Here you will find information, help articles, and tutorials for ANGEL. Visitors can post questions they have about ANGEL as well as view and comment on other visitor postings  


ANGEL FAQs - answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Did You Know?? - features in ANGEL you might not know about or might have forgotten