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Register today for 2016 Summer Youth Camps!

Print Registration

Online registration is recommended, but those who would prefer not to register online are welcome to complete a print registration. More information regarding print registration can be found by expanding the menu below:

Print Registration Information and Forms

Registrants should download, print, and complete (please type or print) the 2016 Summer Youth Camps Registration Form and Penn State University Youth Program Health Services Medical Treatment Authorization Form. Both of these forms should be faxed to 814-863-2765, or mailed to Penn State Lehigh Valley, Outreach/Non-Credit Registration Office, P.O. Box 410, State College, PA 16804.

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To complete your child's registration, please download, print, and complete (please type or print) the 2016 Summer Youth Camps Emergency Forms and either scan and email to sycreg@psu.edu, fax to 610-285-5135, or mail to Penn State Lehigh Valley, Registration Office, 2809 Saucon Valley Road, Center Valley, PA 18034.

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Online Registration

Online registration for 2016 Summer Youth Camps is available by selecting the link associated with each camp below. Please be sure to complete and submit the Emergency Forms provided once online registration is complete.


Available Summer Camps

Grades 1-2

Authors and Artists
Follow in the footsteps of your favorite writers and illustrators in this fun camp that develops both literacy and creativity in young learners. (a.m.)

Register online for Authors and Artists >>

LEGO® Simple Machines
When you turn on the water or pedal your bike, you’re harnessing the power of simple machines. Explore the world of gears, wheels, levers, and pulleys through the magic of LEGO®. (a.m.)

Register online for LEGO Simple Machines >>

Mixed Media Masterpieces
Make amazing art! Draw, paint, and collage your own masterpieces in this camp for young artists with big imaginations. (p.m.)

Register online for Mixed Media Masterpieces >>

Splash Lab at the Swim-In Zone
Join our friends at Swim-in Zone for lessons in water safety, water confidence, and swimming in a friendly atmosphere where learning is fun. (p.m.)

Register online for Splash Lab at the Swim-In Zone >>

Grades 3-5

Digital Storytelling
And the Oscar goes to…YOU! Make your stories come alive through the power of pictures, sound, and video. Learn to use video production tools to realize your artistic vision. (a.m.)

Register online for Digital Storytelling >>

LEGO® NXT Mindstorms® Robotics
Future engineers, work in teams to build and program your own unique robotic creations. Challenge your friends to robot races, sumo contests, and other competitions. (a.m.)

Register online for LEGO NXT Mindstorms Robotics >>

Exploring Art in 3-D
Bring your imagination to life with three-dimensional artwork of your very own. Sculpt your masterpieces in paper, clay, plaster, and more in this hands-on camp. (a.m.)

Register online for Exploring Art in 3-D >>

Future Programmers
Unlock the future! Learn the secret language, or code, that makes your computer do amazing things. No prior programming experience needed in this introductory coding camp. (p.m.)

Register online for Future Programmers >>

Data Detectives
Numbers have a lot to teach us about how our world works. Be a Data Detective and uncover the mysteries of math as we collect, record, and describe the data of our daily lives. (p.m.)

Register online for Data Detectives >>

Grades 6-8

Comedy Writers
Let’s get punny! From puns to parodies, explore humor writing by reading works that will make you laugh out loud and publishing your own funny stories. (a.m.)

Register online for Comedy Writers >>

Cracking the Code
Design the games you want to play. Learn how to write the code that runs your favorite programs by creating your own interactive stories and games. (a.m.)

Register online for Cracking the Code >>

Sports Statistics
What’s the difference between RBI’s, OOPS’s, and ERA’s? How do NFL teams figure out the stats for their first round draft picks? Use math to make predictions in this camp for both sports and math fans! (a.m.)

Register online for Sports Statistics >>

Junior Movie Makers
We’ll put you in the director’s chair. Grab your smartphone or borrow a flip-cam to shoot and edit your own video masterpiece. (p.m.)

Register online for Junior Movie Makers >>

Creative Drawing
If you love to draw, this camp is for you. Learn to use the techniques of masters like Van Gogh and Matisse to create drawings as expressive and unique as you. (p.m.)

Register online for Creative Drawing >>

Lego® EV3 Mindstorms® Robotics
Change your world with Lego® robotics. Design, build, and program your very own Lego® robot and then test it out with challenge activities like capture the flag and robot soccer. (p.m.)

Register online for LEGO EV3 Mindstorms Robotics >>

Grades 9-12

Drawing for Teens
Learn from Leonardo and Michelangelo. Explore the principles of line, perspective, volume, and value to capture a moment with still-life, portraiture, and landscape drawing. (a.m.)

Register online for Drawing for Teens >>

Lego® Mindstorms® Advanced Robotics
Open your mind to opportunities in engineering with advanced robotics. Build the future in our Engineering Lab with minds-on learning and hands-on Mindstorms® activities. (a.m.)

Register online for LEGO Mindstorms Advances Robotics >>

High School Writing Workshop
Writers wanted! Create and share your own writing in any genre and any aspect of writing you’d like to pursue. Daily readings from writers, both famous and otherwise, are included. (p.m.)

Register online for High School Writing Workshop >>

Musikfest Video Camp (8/8-8/12)
Go behind the scenes at Musikfest, one of the largest music festivals in the nation, with a veteran television journalist for a hands-on video production camp. Limited to 10 participants only. Don’t wait!

This special camp runs August 8-12 from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. and costs $500.

Register online for Musikfest Video Camp >>