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A guide for non-traditional students at Penn State Lehigh Valley

1. Explore!

  • Research options for educational opportunities available at Penn State Lehigh Valley
  • Visit http://www.lv.psu.edu/  for a complete picture of what we have to offer

2. Meet!

  • Make an appointment to meet the Adult Education Coordinator; call 610-285-5000 to schedule 
  • Take a tour of the campus
  • Take home information about degree programs and other interests you may have
  • Ask questions! This is a big step; get EVERY answer you are looking for

3. Request!

  • Gather transcripts from your high school and any other institutions where you completed college-level courses
  • If you are interested in discussing how your previous coursework will transfer obtain an unofficial copy of your transcripts for review with a transfer counselor
  • If you are applying to Penn State University, have official copies of your transcripts sent along with your application
  • SAT scores are not required for adult students to be admitted to Penn State Lehigh Valley Programs

4. Apply!

  • Complete the appropriate application enrollment form. Use the paper application or apply on-line at http://www.admissions.psu.edu/
  • Options for enrollment are:
    • Degree-seeking
    • Non-degree seeking
    • Provisional
  • If your not sure which form/application to use, contact our transfer admission counselor at 610285-5046

5. Register!

  • After you have been accepted, meet with an advisor and schedule your courses
  • Many classes are offered in the evenings and weekends to meet the needs of the adult learner

6. Financial Aid!

  • If you are planning on enrolling for more then 6 credits and you require financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Form
  • Click here to go to the FASFA site.