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Work side-by-side Smithsonian researchers in the Tropical Ecosystems of Panama and help save endangered sea turtles

The 2013 CHANCE program consists of two courses, Biology 297F or 497F - Global Climate Change: Sustainability of Select Tropical and Aquatic Ecosystems (online, March 21  May 31, 2013) and Biology 297I or 497I - A Field Course in Panama (June 28 July 14, 2013) which work together to promote environmental literacy on the topics of biodiversity, sustainability, and global climate change. Through online instruction during part the spring semester, all participants will engage in learning opportunities and lessons which will enhance their pre-trip knowledge in areas such as the biodiversity of the ecosystems to be explored (jungles, mangroves, sea grasses, and coral reefs), the science behind global climate change, historic events that surround the Panama canal and the creation of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), and the indigenous people of Panama. The field practicum will provide real-world research and conservation experiences (lasting two and one-half weeks) at STRI research facilities which focus on the effects of global climate change on ecosystem biodiversity and dynamics. A highlight of this trip will be working with nesting leatherback and green sea turtles so as to help sustain these endangered animals.

For more information contact Dr.Jacqueline McLaughlin at jxm57@psu.edu or Dr. Kathleen Fadigan at kxf24@psu.edu and visit the 2013 CHANCE Panama website.



China Field Study Feb. 28 - March 10

Earn up to 6 credits online for IB 303 and CAS 352 and study at Capital University of Business and Economics.Register before October 24 for the opportunity to be part of the embedded course Communicating Business in China. Travel will be in Beijing and Shanghai, China. If you have questions, please contact Mr. Karjsa at mjk28@psu.edu or Dr. Gutgold at dgn2@psu.edu.

Download the information, itinerary, and forms here.


Spend your 2013 Spring Break in Guanajuato, Mexico

CIVCM 211 (Foundations in Civic and Community Engagement) is working in conjunction with BIOL 297 (The Ecology and Agriculture of Guanajuato, Mexico) and WL ED 400 (Foundations of Language in Second Language Teaching) to offer students an international experience in Mexico to explore the environment, economics and ecology of this region. Field sites include Agave plantations, large ranches, and small subsistence farms. Students will work alongside students and faculty at the University of Guanajuato as well as interact with local farmers and families. Itinerary, expenses and program details can be found at http://pslvasb.weebly.com/index.html


Create a Video in Rome!

Embedded as part of Comparative Literature 153H: International Cultures Through Literature and Film, honors students will have the opportunity to travel to Rome, Italy, to continue their learning. Using their academic course work as a bases, students will create a video while on location.

The trip is scheduled for Thursday, February 28 - Thursday, March 7, 2013. Click here to download the itinerary.

For more information, contact Barbara Cantalupo at bac7@psu.edu or at 610-285-5015.