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The Teaching International program at Penn State Lehigh Valley is a campus-wide academic initiative modeled after the program at Penn State Greater Allegheny. 

Teaching International's goals include:

  • internationalizing the curriculum to ensure students acquire the knowledge and skills needed in an interdependent world
  • strengthening the intellectual climate at the campus through the exploration of common themes of global significance and the study of various countries and regions of the world
  • connecting the education of students with broader debates on global economic, social and cultural trends
  • promoting civic engagement at the intersection of local and global communities.

Teaching International at Penn State University has developed into a model of global education anchored in curriculum innovation, student-centered research and teaching, and engaged global citizenship. Course lectures, class projects, field trips, public debates, service learning activities, theatrical productions, films, and guest lectures are some of the methods used to help students learn about the world.  Enhanced learning opportunities and academic dialogue among students, faculty and staff, strengthens the international competencies of students, and fostered collaborative efforts between the campus and various community groups and academic institutions.  Teaching International at Penn State Lehigh Valley aims to enhance our own campus dynamics and community.  




Dr. Jennifer Parker Talwar

Dr. Ana Figueroa