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10 Reasons To Pursue A Penn State OLEAD Degree

1. Professional and Academic Advancement
2. Flexible, Convenient, and Accelerated Courses
3. Build Relevant Skills
4. Attain Educational Milestones with Professional Certificates
5. Earn Credit for Life/Career Experience through Portfolio Assessment
6. Enhanced Curriculum Options
7. Internship and Real Research Options
8. Personal Advising is a Penn State Priority
9. Penn State Cares about Adult Learners
10. Penn State Prestige

1. Professional and Academic Advancement

Increase your earning potential as you increase your knowledge. Earning a college degree is one of the most important steps toward career advancement and higher earning potential. This degree also prepares you for graduate-level study.

2. Flexible, Convenient, and Accelerated Courses

You can work toward your personal and professional goals while retaining the flexibility to take traditional or online classroom instruction, days and/or nights; to study from home: or to study anytime, anywhere online. Many courses are offered in an eight week accelerated and blended format to help you make timely progress toward degree completion. All courses in this degree completion program can also be taken through self-paced distance learning via the Penn State World Campus. You can make your own pathway to success.

3. Build Relevant Skills

You will build practical work skills that you can use immediately, including a solid foundation in labor and industrial relations, leadership, research methods ad organizational and community development.

4. Attain Educational Milestones with Professional Certificates

As you work toward completion of this program, you'll have the opportunity to earn one or more related professional certificates. Talk with an adviser to learn how you can achieve these resume-building milestones on your educational path to a bachelor's degree in organizational leadership.

5. Earn Credit for Life/Career Experience Through Portfolio Assessment

Credit by portfolio assessment is an opportunity for students who feel they have gained knowledge equivalent to a specific course through experiential learning to validate their claim. It was designed to provide those students who have acquired knowledge through legitimate means outside an academic environment to establish the legitimacy through careful explanation and insight into the knowledge they have gained. http://www.la.psu.edu/CLA-LAUS/credit_by_portfolio.shtml

6. Enhanced Curriculum Options

Enhanced curriculum options are available for qualified students through the Honors program. http://www.lv.psu.edu/Academics/honors.htm?cn218

7. Internship and Real Research Opportunities

While an internship or thesis is not required for this degree it is still an option. OLEAD students have had exciting research opportunities in non-profit, community-based, and corporate institutions.

8. Personal Advising is  a Penn State Priority

If you are returning to school to complete your degree, many of your credits from other institutions could transfer. Call and speak to an adviser about your credits can work for you.

9. Penn State Cares About Adult Learners

A significant and growing percentage of Penn State students are adults. Penn State strives to meet the needs and demand of the working adult.

-Adult Learners Penn State Lehigh Valley

-Adult Learners Penn State University wide

10. Penn State Prestige

Earn your degree from a nationally recognized educational leader. Your employer will know you have a degree of excellence, and you will benefit from an alumni network that is half a million strong.