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A WebQuest is a scaffolded learning structure that uses links to essential resources on the World Wide Web and an authentic task to motivate students’ investigation of a central, open-ended question, development of individual expertise and participation in a final group process that attempts to transform newly acquired information into a more sophisticated understanding. The best WebQuests do this in a way that inspires students to see richer thematic relationships, facilitate a contribution to the real world of learning and reflect on their own metacognitive processes (March, circa 2003 in March, 2008).

At this site, we are offering visitors free access to WebQuests created by students majoring in Elementary Education at Penn State Lehigh Valley. Educators are welcome to bring to their classrooms WebQuests from our collection either in their entirety or with teacher-created addendums. We do, however, request that you provide a full citation whenever you use any of our work.

Come back often, as new WebQuests will be added to this collection at the end of every semester!

For further information, you may contact Dr. Xenia Hadjioannou at xuh12@psu.edu.


March, T. (2008). What WebQuests Are (Really). Retrieved from http://bestwebquests.com/what_webquests_are.asp.


1.     Greek Mythology: The Odyssey, by Nabiha Qureshi & Sasha Gonzalez

In this WebQuest, students research heroes, gods, goddesses and monsters from Greek mythology to inform a script and a theatrical production of a re-imagined Odyssey. 

2.     Medieval Webquest, by Abigail Koch, Aileen Lauer & Heather Thomas

Set against the backdrop of a world changed forever by the signing of the Magna Carta, this webquest will allow students to explore several aspects of medieval living, including the circumstances of the different social classes of people who lived during this time period. 

3.     On the Road to Success: A Career Paths WebQuest, by Jessica Bidden and Angelica DeLucia

This WebQuest will help students learn about different career paths.  The culminating activities will help teach the students what they need to do in order to get a job on planet Mars.  Also, this WebQuest will help develop students' reading, writing and speaking skills through the different missions the students complete. 

4.     Fantastical Tales, by Sandy Ball, Catey Makoul, Jackie Ngo and Kelsey Ruch 

In this WebQuest, students are asked to research traditional fairytales and their origins and reimagine them with a modern twist.

5.     JJS Travel Agency, by Samantha Shellenberger, Joely Reyna and Joel Buskirk  

This WebQuest will help students learn about the seven natural wonders of theworld. The concluding activity has students create a promotional video about the researched sites. Each group will present their promotional video to the entire class. This activity can be integrated in the fields of writing, speaking, reading, social studies, geography, and technology.

6.     Just Keep Swimming, by Rokaya Layoun, Kimberly Beers, Alicia Watson  

In this WebQuest, students are asked to take on the roles of tour guides in a new aquarium. Working in groups, students will research sea animals and use their knowledge to create an informational sign to display underneath the aquarium exhibits.

7.     A & R Events by Ashley Frank & Rosa Pinto

In this WebQuest, students take on the roles of party planners who create parties for clients. To put together each themed party, students have to work in groups to research several aspects of each theme and to then create appropriate decorations, menus, cards and venue layouts. 

8.     Aboard the Titanic, by Jane Fuscellaro  and Anthony Germani  

This WebQuest invites students to learn more about the Titanic by having them work as journalists who tour the great ship prior to its maiden voyage. Their objective is to learn about the vessel itself as well as its travel classes in order to write an article about the Titanic.

9.     Meet America: Traveling Across the United States, by Sarah Custard and Terese Wylie

In this geography-focused WebQuest, students explore US regions and learn about their history and notable landmarks.

10.   Exploring Sea Creatures, by Ranim Sankari and Sasha Ishak  

In this WebQuest, students take on the roles of marine biologists whose mission is to research marine animals and create informational brochures about each animal.

11.   Puppies, by Katie Steele & Kateri Drewicz

This webquest will allow students to take on the real-life decision of buying a dog. They will learn how to research different dog breeds and identify what is important when looking into buying a dog.

12.   Family Cruise, by Brian Beck and Catherine Anthony

Students as budding travel agents are working toward helping a family of four design their vacation. This involves researching and reporting on various destinations, exploring travel websites for flights and a cruises and creating a budget.

13.   Adventure Quest Travel Agency, by Donna Stevens, Melissa Corl, and Stacy Lick

This WebQuest will help groups of students learn about a country of the world. The culminating activity will introduce the travel brochures made by all groups to the entire class. This WebQuest can be used as an interdisciplinary learning tool to connect Social Studies, Reading and Writing, and Technology.

14.   Environmental Pollution: Exploring the Causes, Effects, and Solutions, by Alison Feichtel, David Abruzzi and Jennifer Piersa

The class will study the effects of four types of pollution on our environment: land pollution, air pollution, water pollution and radioactive pollution. Students will also determine what causes these types of pollution and what can be done to limit the damage done by each.

15.   Anabolic Steroids in Sports, by Brian Polaha, Jason Clifford and Jeff Casciani

This webquest seeks to raise students’ awareness about anabolic steroids and their detrimental consequences.

16.   Birds of Prey, by Joann Fauci, Kathryn Hontz and Katherine Nichols

In this environmentally conscious webquest, the students are tasked with learning about birds of prey. The culminating activity involves a school-wide presentation about birds of prey involving information about the birds and making a case about protecting those birds.

17.   Olympics: Ready, Set, Let’s Host!, by Tamara Bedford, Stevianne Bottcher and James Kenny

In this social-sciences-based WebQuest, the students are tasked with putting together hosting bids for the upcoming Olympic Games.

18.   Ireland the Beautiful, by Jensine Erazo and Jonna Reph

In this WebQuest, students work in groups to research the history, geography, culture, and the myths and legends of Ireland for the purpose of creating a non-fiction picture book about Ireland.

19.   Mystery in Egypt, by Amanda Silfies and Elizabeth Gerancher

This lesson integrates Language Arts with History and Art to explore Ancient Egyptian Culture, specifically the pyramids and their contents. Students will research and present information on the pyramids, mummification process, hieroglyphs, and the tombs of the Pharaohs through reading, writing, speaking and art activities.

20.   Ocean World, by Barbara Kornbluth and Mary Pechota

In this webquest, students are invited to help design a theme park on oceans. In completing their missions, students learn about the different oceans and the marine life that lives there. They also explore issues of conservation.

21.   Cultural Cinderella Theater, Inc., by Amanda Shihab, Manal Sankari and Carolyn Case

The class will study different versions of the Cinderella tale as those are told in different cultures to identify similarities and differences across the stories and to detect and discuss culture-specific elements in each of the tales.

22.   Welcome to the Rainforest, by Samantah Banul, Alyssa Leandri and Kevin Palenchar

In this webquest, students work as a group of animal experts whose mission is to inform people about an endangered species of the rainforest.

23.   Exploring Volcanoes, by Bradley J. Kunsman and Paul Slivk

The class will engage in an exploration of how volcanoes form, why they erupt, and what kind of damage they cause. The culminating activity involves educating the public about the dangers of volcanoes and how they can prepare for an eruption.

24.   Natural Disasters, by Corrine Santucci, Sandi Williams, and Dina Spearko

The class is hired as Weather.net documentary crews tasked with creating informational documentaries about natural disasters (tornado, volcano, earthquake, tsunami).

25.   The Rainforest, by Christi Roberts, Heather Prokipchak, and Stephanie Joseph

In this webquest, the students take on the roles of National Geographic’s “Save the Rainforest Issue.” Under that capacity, they examine the rainforest ecosystem and physical surroundings and design a factual, eye catching informative piece displaying facts and graphics relevant to their assigned topic.

26.   Budget Buddies, by Christine Nemeh, Jessica Snyder and Allison Ball


27.   Space, by Mandi Bechtel, Laura Buczewski, Alyssa Keiser, Jackie Kinsella and Ashley Snyder

In this space-themed webquest, students are invited to research a planet of the solar system.

28.   Discovery! Greek Mythology, by Megan Long, Sandra Ramirez, Elena Farber, Zachary Haas and Amanda Gestle

In this webquest, the students research various mythological creatures from ancient Greek mythology with the purpose of determining the identity of a headless statue.

29.   Disney World, by Rebecca Elliott, Brittney Dunnigan, Vicci Nadig and Ciara Christopher

In this webquest, the students are tasked with putting together a dream vacation to Disney World while staying within budget.

30.   Our Country, by Terrie Pinho, Adrianne Keefer and Jordan Nichols

In this webquest, the students research the branches of government and propose changes to the way things are done in the US.