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Looking for a program that allows you to choose a focus on your specific psychology interests?

The psychology degree program is designed to provide a high-quality, relevant, integrated, skills-based program of instruction in the basic theory, methodology, and application of the discipline of psychology. With three degree options, the program prepares graduates to enter careers in fields with a high demand for qualified candidates, or to make a seamless transition to graduate school.

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science - Business Option

Bachelor of Science - Science Option

Students engage in practical applications of psychology through out-of-classroom learning including internships. undergraduate research opportunities, and international experience through partnerships with universities in Ireland and the Netherlands.


Psychology at Penn State Lehigh Valley

courses include...

  • Basic Research Methods in Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Introduction to Well-Being and Positive Psychology
  • Neurological Bases of Human Behavior
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Psychology of Fear and Stress

Your job title
could be...

  • Child and Youth Advocacy Agencies
  • Institutional Research Departments
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Health Education Agencies
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Drug, Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Treatment Programs

Academic Plans

Recommended Academic Plans provide the possible order of courses students might follow as they pursue a particular degree. RAPs are proposed schedules only. Individual student's schedules might look different if -- in consultation with an academic adviser -- the student has created a different plan. Care should be taken when changing the order of courses, as the RAP takes into account prerequisites and course controls. Changing the other of a RAP might be in the student's best interests and can occur with an adviser's guidance. For the final work regarding the courses needed for graduation in a particular major, all students should consult the University Bulletin and their degree audit.

Recommended Academic Plan for Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Recommended Academic Plan for Bachelor of Science in Psychology - Business Option

Recommended Academic Plan for Bachelor of Science in Psychology - Science Option


For additional information about this program, schedule an appointment with:

Dr. Kevin Kelley
Psychology Program Coordinator