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This liberal arts program provides a well-rounded education for students interested in business, law, government, education, or social services. Graduates have the flexibility to work within many fields or the ability to switch career paths easily.

The objective of the degree program is to broaden students’ understanding, interests, and skills and to help students become more responsible, productive members of the community. Working closely with an adviser, students may use elective credits to build an even stronger expertise in areas in business, the social sciences, or the humanities, which will provide excellent preparation for careers in those fields or continuing their studies in baccalaureate degree programs.

The degree program is enhanced by the opportunity to transfer to several baccalaureate degree programs including Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts, Business, and Science at Penn State Lehigh Valley, as well as a wide variety of baccalaureate majors offered at Penn State University Park campus and other Penn State campus locations.

The degree can also be used by students as a pre-professional entry vehicle into programs that require two years of college. In addition, the associate degree program is a common choice for non-traditional students who want a college degree but are not ready to make a four-year commitment. For such students, the associate degree program serves as a motivating first step toward future studies.

The program is offered days and evenings for working, location-bound students.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)

For the Associate in Arts degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences, a minimum of 60 credits is required.

(6 of these 21 credits are included in the REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MAJOR) (See description of General Education in front of Bulletin.)
ELECTIVES: 15 credits
(This includes 6 credits of General Education GWS courses.)
ENGL 015 GWS(3) (Sem: 1-2)
SPCOM 100 GWS(3) (Sem: 3-4)
ENGL 202A GWS(3), ENGL 202B GWS(3), ENGL 202C GWS(3), or ENGL 202D GWS(3) (Sem: 3-4)
Select 3 credits in any course designated as arts* (Sem: 1-4)
Select 3 credits in any course designated as humanities* (Sem: 1-4)
Select 3 credits in any course designated as social and behavioral sciences* (Sem: 1-4)
Select 3 credits in any course desig12/07/2005s* (Sem: 1-4)
Select 9 credits in any one of the following areas*: arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences and quantification, and foreign language skills. (If
foreign language courses are chosen, it is recommended that these courses be in one foreign language sequence.) (Sem: 1-4)

[1]A student enrolled in this major must receive a grade of C or better, as specified in Senate Policy 82-44.

#The required credits of General Education and Requirements for the Major must be baccalaureate-level courses. For students intending to seek admission to a baccalaureate program upon graduation, it is recommended that most, if not all, of the courses be at the baccalaureate level. For those students who will seek a bachelor of arts degree upon graduation from Letters, Arts, and Sciences, it is strongly recommended that a foreign language be taken since admission to a bachelor of arts program in the College of the Liberal Arts requires one college-level course, or the equivalent, in a foreign language.

*Courses will satisfy the arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences, and quantification requirements are defined on the Letters, Arts, and Sciences
checksheet, which may be obtained from the College of the Liberal Arts associate dean for undergraduate studies at the University Park campus or from any Letters, Arts, and Sciences representative at other locations.

The University reserves the right to change the requirements and regulations listed here and to determine whether a student has satisfactorily met its requirements for admission or graduation, and to reject any applicant for any reason the University determines to be material to the applicant's qualifications to pursue higher education. Nothing in this material should be considered a guarantee that completion of a program and graduation from the University will result in employment.


For admissions information, contact the Lehigh Valley Admissions Office at 610-285-5051.