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Current students assist new students with scheduling

The advising component of FTCAP is the first stage of your academic advising. The focus of this program is on individual educational planning and academic advising. Your families are encouraged to attend this day with you.

This program:

  • introduces you to the academic structure of Penn State, which includes discussion of Penn State's colleges, types of programs offered by each college, the wide range of degree programs offered, and graduation requirements for a Penn State degree.
  • provides you with an understanding of your academic preparation and abilities as compared to other Penn State students.  
  • provides you with the results of your placement tests; your FTCAP placement test results, high school performance, and SAT scores have been developed into an individualized Summary of Academic Performance.  
  • provides you with a one-on-one interview with a FTCAP adviser. During this interview, you will discuss your placement test results, your educational plans, and the characteristics of those academic programs in which you have expressed an interest.
  • provides you with a Penn State Student ID. You will need to bring valid photo identification with you on your assigned FTCAP day. A driver's license, a state photo ID for "non-drivers" (must apply for this at your local State Police Barracks), or passport. Student high school ID cards are not acceptable.
  • provides you with a Penn State Computer Access Account. As you will see during the program, your computer access account is very important. On your FTCAP day, you will use your account for on-line registration.
  • acquaints you with the Lehigh Valley campus, our policies and procedures, some of our faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students, as well as our out-of-class environment.
  • assists you in selecting courses and registering for your first semester of study. Course scheduling is for students only.
Families are strongly urged to participate in the First-Year Consulting and Advising Program.  Families usually find this experience meaningful, and students typically appreciate their participation. 

If you must travel a long distance, you may find it desirable to arrive on the evening prior to your assigned FTCAP date.  Hotels and motels are convenient to our campus. 








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