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students in classroom and student on computerPenn State Lehigh Valley introduced FlexLearning in January 2013 and began offering FlexLearning courses that summer.

What is FlexLearning?

FlexLearning is a flexible hybrid course delivery model designed to accommodate the needs of students while maintaining academic rigor. FlexLearning course design begins with a focused effort to accomplish course learning outcomes. Students may participate in a FlexLearning course completely face-to-face, completely online, or hybrid. Regardless of the participation method, equivalent learning activities and assessments are required for successful course completion. Furthermore, FlexLearning courses are designed to facilitate student engagement with course content, the instructor and classmates.

Faculty Preparation for FlexLearning

In order to maintain the highest academic standards, faculty are required to:

  1. Complete specific faculty development courses in online and hybrid course design and delivery
  2. Consult with the instructional design team to ensure pedagogical and technological best practices in course design and delivery
  3. Present for approval by the FlexLearning team a proposed syllabus and sample lesson plan that includes detailed learning outcomes, assessment and learning activities.

Want to know more?

For additional information about FlexLearning at Penn State Lehigh Valley, visit the FlexLearning website. Send comments or questions to Dr. Carolina McCluskey (cpsm@psu.edu).


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