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For non Penn State students

Not currently a Penn State student? Follow these steps:

  1. Visit our schedule of courses to determine which courses you are interested in.
    Be sure to note the course name, schedule number, which summer session the course is offered, and number of credits for the courses you are interested in. Here is the link to our schedule of courses.

    After locating the courses you are interested in, please verify by using our online system that: A) seats are currently available; B) you have met any prerequisites for the courses.

    ***Please note that if you plan to take English 015, a Math, a Chemistry course, or need more information on prerequisites, you should contact the Academic Advising office at 610-396-6280.
  2. Fill out a Course Registration Form.
    Download the registration form. (PDF)
  3. Pay your bill.
    Please keep in mind that your bill must be paid at least one week prior to the start of the session for which you are registering. View current tuition rates at http://www.tuition.psu.edu/.